Custom Images

In addition to customizing any of our existing designs, we can create original custom pieces using any material from a supplied image or poster, to ribbon, fabric, and much more. Materials that are provided for custom murals can be altered with art effects to change color or even create an “aged” or “painted” appearance. Items may be removed or added to artwork to completely customize a mural to any specifications.

Either send us a high resolution image of the artwork, or ship the original artwork to be photographed on site, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Original artwork

Original artwork photographed to create high resolution image to be converted to digital artwork

Final artwork cleaned up and printed on stone

You are not limited to artwork and digital images to create your custom vision. Another popular source is finding inspiration from fabric! The customer fell in love with this precious fabric they were using for their nursery curtains and thought they could tie in the same design with custom tiles for their child’s bathroom!

After falling in love with the vibrant colors and unique crop found on this decorative tray, we transformed the artwork to work as a mural after receiving a photo from our customer!

This high resolution artwork was submitted to us to be transformed into a custom mural! With very little touch ups required, this was a fast custom job that just slightly altered the dimensions of the original artwork – and transferred beautifully to stone!

Showing many of our custom possibilities, this customer came to us wanting a softer, watercolor-esque feel for this photo of a race winning horse! After using a few artistic effects, we also removed distracting signs from the background and customized the text to better suit the customer’s wishes.

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