About Customization

Customize Your Stone

Customize Color

Customize Stone

Stone type may have the biggest impact on your selected design and is the simplest way to customize your project. Samples are available for any design on any stone type to see how it may change the entire look of your project.

Customize Color

Change, add, or match any colors in any pattern. Easily the most popular customization for our product, you can match to paint colors, cabinets, material, and more. Strikeoffs are created for final approval on any job involving custom color.

Layout and Sizing

Original Layout

Alston Lola Pattern

Create custom layouts from pre-existing patterns. Add, remove, or reorganize any element of the design to create a one of a kind pattern.

Final Custom Layout

Alston Lola Pattern

Custom Scale & Renderings

Pattern scales may be reduced or enlarged to suit your installation space and preference. Custom layouts are available upon request to show how a different scale or tile size may change the entire appearance of your space. For example, these layouts show the difference between using the Pirouette pattern on a 6×6 vs. 8×8 tile and the different visual that is ultimately created.

Custom Personalization

One of our most popular and requested personalizations is to replace text, wine labels, and miscellaneous items in our murals. Customizing labels with your name, favorite type of wine, or memorable dates is the perfect way to make a mural truly special. Any element of a mural may be removed and replaced with different artwork, and you can mix and match from any existing mural to create you own custom masterpiece. See below how three murals were merged into one design to create a completely new image – complete with custom wine bottles!

Customer provided image

Final Mural

Custom Images

In addition to customizing any of our existing designs, we can create original custom pieces using any material from a supplied image or poster, to ribbon, fabric, and much more. Materials that are provided for custom murals can be altered with art effects to change color or even create an “aged” or “painted” appearance. Items may be removed or added to artwork to completely customize a mural to any specifications.

Customer provided images of a wooden box

Final Mural

Customer provided poster

Final Mural

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