Welcome back to Part Two of our in-depth series all about our fast custom process! If you missed last week’s blog post on how you can turn a customer-supplied image into tile, head over to the post here! Today we’re going to talk about all things color. Colorways and color combinations are one of the most important design aspects when it comes to a home renovation or new build. You can keep a space more natural and subdued by sticking with soft, neutral colors, or you can really make a room pop by utilizing rich, bold colors in a tile. Whatever route you choose to go, the color is going to shape that space.
One common thing we hear from home owners and designers is that they absolutely love one of our patterns, but can’t find a color option that matches the rest of their materials. We are always happy to tell our clients that we can easily customize any of our patterns whether that be matching a paint-chip, a piece of fabric, or another pattern.
It’s a bit easier for us to show you instead of tell you how fast and simple it is for us to create the perfect custom tile for you. Keep scrolling to see examples of past jobs that turned out beautifully and resulted in a one-of-a-kind tile.


Color Match Tile and Fabric

For this project, a client already had a plain subway tile and curtains picked out for their kitchen. At the last minute, they decided that they wanted to add a fun, decorative tile to liven up the space. This client fell in love with the Alston Aliso collection, but didn’t find a green color option to match. After she sent us a sample of the ceramic subway tile and curtain, we had our graphic designer incorporate the colors into the design.

Custom Color Alston Aliso


Color Match Fabric

Like the project above, this client loved the traditional design of the Dulcet collection, but wanted to give it a more “coastal, beachy” vibe that had a nautical blue in it. She sent us a swatch from her living room pillows and also a beige subway tile and asked us to switch out the black for the blue. For this custom job, the client wanted a few different renderings from our graphic designer that varied in the amount of blue added. Our designers had a lot of fun playing around with different color combinations and shades of blues.

Custom Color Dulcet


Color Match Multiple Materials

Sometimes clients will use multiple materials that vary slightly in color and want to create a tile that looks cohesive and complimentary. For the project below, this client loved the delicate flower design in the Eliana collection, but needed the green to match their teal ceramic tile, curtains, and wallpaper. Our graphic designers were able to create a color that matched all three materials sent to us that fit effortlessly into the room.

Custom Color Eliana Pattern


Color Match Multiple Materials

For this job, our client was set on using the popular Ventana pattern in her kitchen but wanted the colored lines in the middle to match her green fabrics and glass tile. Our graphic designers simply played around with different shades of this color until the rendering was approved.


Custom Ventana Pattern in Green Colorway


Custom Crop and Color Match

We will talk more about this in a later blog post on our expedited custom process, but another option when designing your tile is to change the crop of a design. This particular client wanted a tile that was truly one-of-a-kind and wouldn’t be replicated so they decided to switch out the colors and change the crop. We loved this project because it was a true collaboration between the client and our designers to create the perfect bathroom tile.

Custom Crop and Color of the Medina Pattern

Color Match to Another Pattern

Another common customization request we get is to use the colorway used in a different pattern. And yes-this is absolutely possible! The example below shows the Clover pattern from our in-stock collection in its original colorway, Green. Our client wanted to use that exact green from the Clover collection in our made-to-order pattern, Altalena. So if you see a color you love in one of our collections, and think it would work perfectly in another pattern, we can easily make the switch for you!


If you have any more questions about our fast custom color process, never hesitate to give us a call at (858) 274-3400 or email hilary@stoneimpressions.com. Head over to our Custom Page on our website for more information and stay tuned for Part 3 of this series!