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StoneImpressions products are sold through showrooms and dealers located throughout North America. Click on your state on the above map to find a local StoneImpressions tile dealer in your area. We are always happy to help you find a local tile shop that sells Stoneimpressions stone tiles. Fill out the form below and we will forward your quote request to a qualified stone tile dealer in your area

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Work with a local, knowledgeable Authorized Tile Dealer.

Dealers have full-size, in-store samples. Touch the natural stone tiles to feel the texture and weight of the stone. Look closely at the detail and colors in the artwork and the shading in the stone. Seeing the full-size samples will give you a much better idea of what the StoneImpressions tiles will look like in your home.


One of our Floor Tile Sample Boards featuring the Clermont design.
Clermont also looks great as a kitchen backsplash.


Dealers are trained. They can answer your questions and they might even have a few questions for you to help you determine the best way to approach your home improvement project. They have experience working with StoneImpressions and will be able to make recommendations about other items that you might need – grout, cleaner, adhesive, or the phone number of a good tile installer.



Dealers are a part of your local economy. They employ your neighbors, contribute to the local tax rolls and have a vested interest in your community. Wouldn’t you rather have your money stay in your own backyard? Shopping locally supports your community in a very tangible way.


One of our full-size (24″ x 30″) sample boards featuring our Dolce Casa tile mural and Regatta listello.


Dealers can assist you in other ways. We do one thing – decorative natural stone products. But our Dealers can help you with other aspects of your home improvement project. Some have Certified Kitchen Designers on staff. They can help you with your total kitchen remodel from planning and design, all the way to installation. Other Dealers carry a wide variety of products including kitchen cabinets, sinks, appliances, marble countertops, bath and shower fixtures, and all types of flooring from carpeting to hardwood.