Custom Tile Design

You might be surprised to learn how easy, quick and budget friendly the StoneImpressions Custom Tile Program is.

Beyond customizing your tiles to any stone type and size, StoneImpressions can customize any design to encompass your exact vision. From color alterations, to help planning your hard-to-fit spaces, contact your local StoneImpressions tile dealer to further explore your concept and receive a custom design quote.



Change, add or match any colors in any pattern. Strikeoffs are created for approval for any job involving custom color. Please contact your local tile dealer for custom design pricing.

made to order custom tile design unique mix and match backsplash bathroom tile flooring marble travertine limestone straight edged tumbled botticino carrara thassos customization made-to-order makes as many changes as you want


Tiles may be cut to size to perfectly fit difficult or unconventional spaces. Please contact your local tile dealer for custom cut pricing.

customize tile design for bathroom flooring kitchen backsplash stove top natural stone powder room wainscoting fireplace listellos accents corners deco decoratives


Stone type may have the biggest effect on your selected design and is the simplest way to customize your project. Samples are available for any design on any stone type.

designs for kitchen custom tile design change the color patterned tiles accents decos art stove top tub surround customization custom-made personalized tailor-made

Pattern scales may be reduced or enlarged to suit your installation space and preference. Custom layouts are available upon request to show how a different scale or tile size can change the entire appearance of your space. For example, the layouts at the right shows the difference between using the Pirouette pattern on a 6”x6” or 8”x8” tile and the different effect that is ultimately created

custom tile design made to order wall tile for bathroom floor natural stone limestone travertine marble
Pirouette kitchen1

One of the most popular ways to personalize a mural is by replacing text, wine labels and miscellaneous items in any of our murals. Customizing labels with your name, favorite type of wine, or memorable dates is the perfect way to make a mural truly special.

SL000419 Opus 12x18 7600
SL000421 Amarone 16x20
SL000438 Napa Classics 12x16 Durango

Any element in a mural may be removed or replaced with different artwork, and you can mix and match from any of our existing murals to create your own custom masterpiece.

This customer combined three of the above murals to create one custom wine mural. By personalizing each wine bottle with their favorite vineyard's labels, customizing names on the crate, adding and removing multiple objects, they were able to create a unique mural tailored specifically to their home.

custom tile design customized murals patterns designs natural stone for home

In addition to customizing any of our existing murals and artwork, we can create original custom pieces using any material from a supplied image or poster to ribbon, fabric, and much more.

Customer Supplied Photo
Customer Supplied Photo
mural custom tile design made to order from your imagination on natural stone such as marble or limestone or travertine any size you need
Final Custom Mural
Customer Supplied Mural
Customer Supplied Mural
murals custom tile design
Completed Custom Mural

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