Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas

  • altalena kitchen backsplash design ideas fun creative vibrant rustic modern unique inspiration inspired influenced stove top above range wall behind oven
    Altalena Backsplash
Altalena Backsplash
Minore Backsplash
Elemental Backsplash
Cathedral Backsplash
Devonshire Backsplash
Marseille Backsplash
Elegante Backsplash
Cambridge Backsplash
Madison Backsplash
Labyrinth Backsplash
Luxe Backsplash
Bellezza Backsplash
Lancaster Backsplash
Engage Backsplash
Clermont Backsplash
Pirouette Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplashes Featuring Murals

  • Portella Mural Backsplash
Portella Mural Backsplash
Cynara Backsplash
Verano Afternoon Backsplash
Herbs Backsplash
Blanc Cochet Backsplash
Tuscan Landscape Backsplash
Faune Ailee Backsplash
Benvenuto Backsplash
Kuprios Backsplash
Dolce Casa Backsplash
Wine & Grapes Backsplash

The kitchen is truly the heart of every home. It is the place where your family gets together each day and where you can always find your guests gathering when entertaining. Make it beautiful, make it special, and most importantly, make it distinctly yours. The tile in your kitchen backsplash is the perfect place to express your personality.

StoneImpressions offers a wide range of choices; you'll be sure to find the perfect stone tile design for you. From Still Life, Landscape and Wine murals for a stunning focal point to our Pattern Tile Collection that vary from traditional to modern in a variety of colors, there is a little something for every style!

Patterns and murals may be printed on any stone type. Click to see stone options.

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